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Mediterraneo Luxury Suites


The dream that came true.

The Mediterraneo Luxury Suites are situated on an old olive grove that stretches across four stremmas in the heart of Vourvourou, within the hidden paradise of Sithonia, at a three-hundred-metre distance from the sea, where the blue sea and the golden coastline are embraced by the pine-tree branches.

This is a complex comprising of eight independent apartments that was completed at the beginning of 2016. Constructed of stone and wood, it combines modern style with unique luxury in a traditional background and invites you to discover the unique combination of comfort and hospitality.

You will be impressed with the options that the eight different apartments of the Mediterraneo Luxury Suites have to offer, the bold colour selections will take you by surprise and the perfect aesthetic result will definitely captivate you. The spacious apartments and modern appliances are sure to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Enjoy moments of relaxation away from the stresses and routine of everyday life; let the natural beauty of the forest and the sea enchant you; experience unique luxury and hospitality. Treat yourself to a wonderful stay at the Mediterraneo Luxury Suites.

Mediterraneo Luxury Suites